Sola’s Room was created by Lola Akinsola, a self-taught, U.S. born, Nigerian abstract artist raised in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Lola took up painting in late 2019, and has since then dedicated long hours to being a student of the arts. Her style is always changing as she continues to grow rapidly as an artist. With her inspirations varying from nature to interior design to notable and historical artists, Lola has hit the ground running with captivating pieces that are mostly done on spruce pine fir wood panels. She loves to go the extra mile and still maintain beauty in everything she does, and she wants her pieces to exemplify that. 


The beauty that she finds along the line between nature and man-made things is what she uses to fuel her creativity. Lola wants to share her artwork with everyone that she can. She wants viewers to experience the same joy she feels when witnessing the vibrant colors and elegant patterns that she loves.


What Collectors Are Saying

“The combination of colors in all of the pieces are incredible. I’m excited to support and have such beautiful works of art in my next place.”